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Reports and Studies


Reports and Studies

The Authority generates a variety of reports on diverse issues of interest in the sector. The reports provide insights into aspects of regulated areas as well as studies commisisoned by or  undertaken by the Authority on specific areas.

The reports provide useful insights that inform regulatory decisions from time to time as well as industry trends that shape the development of the ICT sector.


SN Title Download Link
31 Cybersecurity Report Q1 2021-2022 View (761.48 KB)
32 Broadcasting Services Report Q4 2020-2021 View (1.16 MB)
33 Cybersecurity Report Q4 2020-2021 View (717.19 KB)
34 Broadcasting Services Report Q3 2020-2021 View (837.04 KB)
35 Frequency Spectrum Assignment and Allocation Report Q2 2019-2020 View (899.9 KB)
36 Cybersecurity Report Q2 2019-2020 View (250.96 KB)
37 Audience Measurement and Broadcasting Industry Trends Report Q1 2019-2020 View (868.79 KB)
38 ICT Indicators Manual 2019 View (703.7 KB)
39 Cybersecurity Report Q1 2019-2020 View (102.88 KB)
40 ICT Centric Innovation Ecosystem Kenya Country Review Report 2019 View (1.59 MB)