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Regulatory Sandbox


Regulatory Sandbox

The regulatory sandbox is an alternative regulatory tool that allows innovators to test emerging ICT products and services in a controlled environment. 


The sandbox enables greater collaboration between ICT innovators and the Communications Authority of Kenya, the regulatory authority for the communications sector in Kenya responsible for facilitating the development of the information and communications sectors including broadcasting, cybersecurity, multimedia, telecommunications, electronic commerce, postal and courier services. The Authority is also responsible for safeguarding the interests of Consumers of ICT product and services.


What are some examples of products or services that can be tested in the regulatory sandbox?


  1. Innovative Telecommunication Solutions: Introduction of new methods of data transmission or innovative mobile technologies and applications.
  2. Cybersecurity Tools: Innovative software or hardware solutions aimed at protecting users and businesses from cyber threats.
  3. IoT (Internet of Things) Devices: New devices that connect to the internet and interact with other devices, such as smart home systems or industrial IoT solutions.
  4. E-health Solutions: Technologies like telemedicine platforms, wearable health monitoring devices using licensed spectrum, or health record management systems.
  5. E-learning Platforms: Platforms that utilize advanced technologies like AI to offer personalized learning experiences or innovative content delivery methods.
  6. Drone Technologies: Applications such as delivery, surveillance, agricultural uses, or for media broadcasting.
  7. AI-driven Services: Platforms or tools that leverage artificial intelligence for the ict telecommunications sector..
  8. New Broadcasting Technologies: Innovations in how content is delivered to audiences, perhaps with enhanced interactivity or in novel formats.
  9. Smart City Solutions: Innovations related to urban planning, traffic management, waste management, or other city-related functions leveraging ICT.
  10. Digital Identity Solutions: Systems or tools that provide secure digital identity verification for various ICT services.