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Monitoring and Inspections


Monitoring and Inspections

The Authority is mandated with ensuring that licensees adhere to license terms and conditions in line with Section 26 and 86 of the Kenya Information and Communications Act, 1998. In this regard, it undertakes regular monitoring and inspection of licensee activities.

This responsibility includes:

• Quality of Service (QoS) monitoring activities, analysis, and publication of such the reports for public consumption.

• Inspecting licensees’ operations to establish compliance with licence terms and conditions.

• Monitoring and inspection of spectrum resources to address spectrum interferences and establish the level of spectrum utilization by licensees.

• Broadcast content monitoring and inspections to ensure compliance with the Programming Code, licensing conditions, and regulatory requirements.

• Surveillance and inspections to ensure that telecommunications equipment installations adhere to laid down standards.

• Surveillance and inspections of broadcast licensees to ensure adherence to laid down content standards.

• Monitoring and inspection of licensee infrastructure to confirm that roll out of such infrastructure complies with licence roll out targets.

• Liaison with County Governments, ICT stakeholders and partner Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) on the provision of ICT services.

Monitoring and inspection reports form a critical component in informing regulatory actions by the Authority and ensuring harmony in the ICT sector.