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ICT Access Gap Study

ICT Access Gap Study

The Authority in 2016 undertook a detailed ICT Access Gaps Study in Kenya. The objective of the study was to assess the communication gaps at the Ward and sub-location levels; develop an interactive Geographic Information System (GIS) portal for updating the gaps Service Fund (USF) and determining the cost of rolling out infrastructure projects including the requisite subsidies. The consultant will also assist the Authority to implement projects identified for funding in the first year of the Fund’s 10 year investment program.


Geographic Information System (GIS) Interactive Portal ICT Coverage in Kenya

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) portal is one-stop online interactive platform created by the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) to provide a view of the different layers of ICT coverage in Kenya. The Geo-Portal will be updated on a regular basis and will assist the Authority in the identification of the gaps for each service area by giving GPS coordinates for selected Universal Service clusters (access gaps) and required areas of intervention. The portal will also be used to determine the extent of communication coverage and the access levels by citizens.

The map has been populated with different information layers such as Telecom (3G and 2G coverage from the 3 operators), postal network, broadcasting, Fibre routes, transportation, administrative boundaries, education health facilities, and electricity networks.
The portal is accessible to the different users through the links provided below:

  1. Public Users Link: The map is accessible to anyone who wants to access the map on the Authority’s website.
  2. Government Users Link: Government officials working in different ministries have access to the ICT Access Gaps and the users are expected to have credentials (Username and password) to access the map.