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Child Online Protection


Child Online Protection

Child Online Protection

Children today are early adopters of ICTs yet they are the most vulnerable consumers. Computers have brought untold benefits to children around the world as the number of connected households increase.

The Authority takes cognizance of the fact that children are vulnerable in the cyber space. To address this vulnerable group, the Authority, in 2011, held a multi-stakeholder workshop dubbed “Protecting Children in Cyberspace: Whose responsibility is it?” to engender conversations amongst various stakeholders on measures to secure children online.

In 2015, the the Authority rolled out a Child Online Protection (COP) programme bringing together various stakeholders,to equip both children and their parents or guardians with information and skills to enable them practice safe Internet use and minimize/eliminate exposure to risks and vulnerabilities.

Over the years, this campaign has triggered the development of other initiatives, services and mechanisms that ensure child safety online.

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