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Our Role in your Protection


Our Role in your Protection

The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) is charged with the responsibility of protecting and safeguarding the interests of consumers in relation to the provision of ICT services and equipment. The Authority, among other mechanisms seek to ensure that communication service providers adhere to the following:

Kenya Constitution, 2010 (Section 46 and 47)
How to make a Complaint

Consumer Complaints

Consumers have the right to make a complaint on the inability to access and use communication services. The Authority is empowered to handle all complaints that are made against licensed communication service providers. As a consumer, you are required to first report the complaint to your service provider. In the event that your complaint is not resolved satisfactorily, report the complaint the Authority.

To enable the Authority adequately flow up the complaint, we shall require evidence of your initial communication with the service provider. Below is a step by step procedure on how to complain:-

A customer who wishes to lodge a complaint shall reduce the complaint in writing and lodge it within six months from the date of the incident that the complaint arises from.

A licensee shall, advise a customer at the time of making the complaint on the expected action, timing for investigation and resolution of the complaint and in the event that the service provider regards the complaint as frivolous or vexatious, the consumer shall be informed accordingly.

A licensee shall inform the customer of the outcome of the investigation of their complaint, and any decision of the licensee.

Where a customer is not satisfied with a decision made on a complaint, the licensee shall give the customer the option of pursuing an identified escalation process, where the decision may be examined by a suitably qualified person in the licensee’s organisation.

Where the consumer has already gone through the licensee’s escalation process and the complaint has not been resolved to the consumer’s satisfaction, the customer may refer the complaint to the Authority where it will be acknowledged within three (3) days of receipt and responded to substantively within ten (10) days.

Public Complaints

What is a Public Complaint?

The Commission on Administrative of Justice (CAJ) defines a public complaint as an expression of dissatisfaction by one or more members of the public about an action, lack of action or about the standard of a service, whether the action was taken or the service provided by the public institution itself or a person or body acting on behalf of the public institution.

They include complaints against staff or the institution regarding: Corruption, lack of services, unethical conduct, mal-administration, inefficiency or ineptitude, unfair decisions, misuse of office/abuse of power, breach of integrity, delay, misbehavior, misconduct,inattention, incompetence,  injustice and discourtesy.

Among the factors considered by the CAJ in its ranking of public institutions is the establishment of appropriate infrastructure, procedures and the designation of appropriate personnel for the resolution of complaints received from the public regarding the services provided by a public institution.

The CAJ also considers the proportion of public complaints that were resolved and the institution’s compliance with the requirement for submission of quarterly reports within stipulated time frames.

The Authority’s Consumer and Public Affairs (CPA) Department has in place a desk to deal with public complaints. Members of the public can report any such complaints to the Authority through a designated email address

Additionally, the Authority has an elaborate procedure for the resolution of public complaints. Public complaints are received by phone and directed to extensions 420, 426, 427 and 428.