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Mary Mungai,CBS
Board Chairperson

Ms. Mary Mungai,CBS, is the Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) having been appointed to the position on 2nd December 2022.

She is an experienced Chief Executive Officer with over 30 years of success in various industries. She is the owner and CEO of multiple businesses with over 500 direct employees, over 1000 direct and indirect employees and revenues of over $30 million annually.

Ms. Mungai is a decisive and strategic leader with skills in strategic leadership, financial management, business operations and strategy, communication and delegation, and risk management.

She has grown her companies rapidly from scratch through aggressive new market strategies and cultivated a performance-driven company culture to lead industry innovations.

She has served as a Board Member in several entities, including as a Board Member of Kenyatta National Hospital for seven (7) years, where she served as Chair of Finance and all Purposes Committee, and as Chair of Corporate Strategy and Enterprise Committee.

She currently runs Purma Holdings, a company formed in 1996, among others. She also has interest in the hospitality industry and the real estate.