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Dr. Chris Kiptoo, CBS
Principal Secretary, The National Treasury

Dr. Chris Kiptoo, CBS, is the Principal Secretary for the National Treasury and Economic Planning.

He serves on the CA Board in his capacity as the Principal Secretary. He holds a PhD in International Macroeconomics Finance specialization from the University of Nairobi.

He has has several years experience in economic policy analysis particularly on areas related to: International Trade and Finance issues including BoP and exchange rate developments; Monetary policy, real sector and public finance issues; Policy and programme developments originating from multilateral and regional organizations; Interrelations among macroeconomic accounts as well as macroeconomic modelling and forecasting issues.

Dr. Kiptoo is an accredited Fellow of the Macroeconomic & Financial Management Institute of Eastern & Southern Africa (MEFMI) in the field of Macroeconomic Management.

He is also an Associate of Kenya Chartered Institute of Bankers (A.K.I.B). He was appointed on 2nd November 2022.