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Public Consultation On Proposed Giudelines For Broadcasting Services In Kenya

Posted on: 25th November 2020

The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) is the statutory regulatory body charged with the responsibility of promoting and facilitating the development of the broadcasting industry in Kenya. Section 46H (1) of Kenya Information and Communications Act, 1998 (as amended) mandates the Authority with setting standards for the time and manner of programmes to be broadcast by all licensees under the Act.

The Authority developed the Programming Code which was revised and gazetted on 12th April 2019 vide Notice No. 3555. The Code was revised from ‘Free-to-air Programming Code’ that targeted FTA broadcasting platforms only into a ‘Unified Programming Code’ that incorporates the broadcasting content requirements for ALL licensees both FTA and subscription as per KICA S46I.

The Programming Code is further supported by “Broadcasting Sector Guidelines” that expound on the provisions of the Code and cater for emerging broadcasting industry needs. As a result, the Authority has developed the following:

  1. Guidelines on Children’s Programming
  2. Guidelines on Local Content
  3. Guidelines on Niche Programming

The above-mentioned proposed Guidelines are available on the Authority’s website address at and

Stakeholders, members of the public, consumer organizations, agencies dealing with media and broadcast issues, licensees and incorporated bodies are invited to submit their specific inputs and views on the proposed requirements of the Sector Guidelines aimed at promoting responsible and responsive broadcasting in Kenya.

Written comments on proposed requirements and any other requirement shall be sent to the address indicated below or via email address on or before 15th January 2021.


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Communications Authority of Kenya

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