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Licensing Procedures for Postal or Courier Operators

All applications for licenses to provide postal or courier services must be addressed to the Authority. Upon receipt of the application, the following process ensues:

  • Payment of the prescribed non-refundable application fee (currently Ksh.10, 000).
  • Upon receipt of the application fee, the following details are checked with regard to eligible applicants:
    1. Must be registered as a company in Kenya.
    2. Must be registered with the Income Tax Department for tax purposes.
    3. Should be local (Kenyan) owned by at least 20%.
  • Eligible applicants are published in the Kenya Gazette and wait for 60 days within which representations on the application from interested parties could be raised.
  • Upon successful publishing in the Kenya gazette, appropriate categorization of applicants is determined.
  • The applicant is advised of the category and license fee payable.
  • Issuance of the postal license.

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