Broadcasting and Telecommunications Principal Secretary Mr.Sammy Itemere (left) confers with Mr.Matano Ndaro,Director,Competition,Tarrifs and Market  Analysis at the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) during the opening ceremony of the Annual ICT Week in Nairobi today.The three-day annual event brings creates a platform of engagement between the Authority and the local ICT fraternity to reflect on issues affecting the sector

This year’s Annual ICT Week kicked off today in Nairobi, setting the stage for discussions between the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) and the stakeholders in the ICT sector.

The Authority holds the ICT Week annually as part of the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (WTISD) celebrations held every 17th May, marking the founding of the International Telecommunications Union, the UN specialized agency for ICTs.

The event brings creates a platform of engagement between the Authority and the local ICT fraternity to reflect on issues affecting the sector.

This year’s theme, ‘Big Data for Big Impact’, explores the power of big data and mechanisms of translating huge quantities of data into information that can drive development.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the event, ICT Cabinet Secretary Mr. Joe Mucheru -who was represented by Broadcasting and Telecommunication PS Sammy Itemere- said data is increasingly becoming a critical driver of the information society.

Mr. Mucheru cited rapid technological advances have enhanced processing and analysis of data making it easy for Governments to create policies and services that resonate with the needs of the citizens.

‘‘This way we can help those we serve to live better, more securely, more healthily and more prosperous lives,’’ said Mr.Mucheru.

He added that Government is currently reviewing ICT Sector Policy Guidelines to incorporate emergent technologies such as Big Data and enhance their adoption in government and the private sector. Additionally, the Access to Information and Data Protection Bill is awaiting presentation to the National Assembly to actualize Article 35 of the Constitution on right of access to information.
CA Director General Mr. Francis Wangusi said a number of regulatory interventions have been put in pace to enhance confidence of consumers in the digital environment and exploitation of Big Data.

‘‘At the regulatory level, we have a number of regulations, including the Cyber Security 2016, the Electronic Transactions Regulation and the Electronic Certification and Domain Name Administration,’’ said Mr.Wangusi who was represented by Mr.Matano Ndaro, Director in charge of Competition, Tarrifs and Market Analysis at CA.

ITU Secretary General Mr.Houlin Zhao, in his message on the WTISD, said analysis of Big Data would enable evidence-based decision-making at national, regional and international levels and help the implementation of all 17 United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.

‘‘It will also be an occasion to take a closer look at the importance of governance and regulation, and the implications for personal privacy and security given the future exponential growth in data and connectivity,’’ added Mr. Zhao.

The Annual ICT Week ends this Friday.